Chimney Fire Prevention

Everything about Chimney Fire Prevention: Cleaning and Safety Tips

Are you eagerly looking forward to warming yourself up this winter? Well, we completely understand how exciting this feeling is, but have you made sure your chimney is ready for the winter? Your fireplace or stove’s safe operation depends largely on how well your chimney is maintained. So, let’s make sure that no emergencies occur due to a lack of proper maintenance. And to make sure of that, contact us to remove any chimney blockages and prevent dangerous fumes from entering your house. For a zero mess and zero hassle chimney sweeping, Bob Davis is at your service always.

Why Is Chimney Cleaning Necessary?

Chimney cleaning and sweeping are necessary to remove any blockages, soot, and creosote build-up on the damper, and smoke chamber. What does this cleaning do, you ask? Well, it will make sure your chimney is safe to operate. Because the truth is it takes only a small amount of creosote build-up for chimney fires to occur and cause damage to your property. Now, are you wondering how often you should get your chimney cleaned? Well, it all depends on how often you use your stove or fireplace. But typically, you need to get your chimney swept clean at least once a year. Even if you don’t use your chimney that frequently, it is necessary to get it cleaned by professionals as squirrels, birds, and other critters might have been using your chimney as their home. Now, ideally, you should get your chimney cleaned during early fall, summer, or spring so that it is ready to use before the burning season.

How to Keep Your Chimney Safe: Easy Tips for You

Here are mentioned some safety tips to ensure your fireplace is ready for those cold winter nights. These tips will make sure that both your chimney as well as the fireplace are working properly and properly taken care of. Chimney blockages can prevent toxic carbon monoxide fumes from exiting your home and this can lead to gas poisoning. Chimney blockages can include excess creosote build-up and outside debris, materials from the deteriorating flue liners, and chimneys. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning install an alarm on each floor of your home in addition to making sure your chimney is well-maintained.

Chimney caps are a great way to make sure moisture, as well as unwanted debris, does not get inside your chimney. Also, chimney caps have wire mesh which will prevent animals from getting inside the chimney. That’s not all. The wire mesh can act as a spark guard, which prevents hot embers from causing rooftop fires.

Chimney masonry is built in a way that it can stand strong for a really long time. However, the mortar is not as durable and has to be replaced after about 25 years. When the mortar starts flaking, moisture can get into your chimney. Outside cold temperatures can also cause the masonry to break. Replacing the damaged mortar is necessary to make sure your chimney is fully functional.

There are more than 25,000 chimney fire accidents each year. Therefore, maintaining your chimney and preparing it for the coming winters becomes more important to ensure that you don’t incur any property or life loss. Bob Davis Chimney & Fireplace provides you with insured, bonded, and licensed professional chimney cleaning services and guarantees you that both your home and chimney will be in safe hands.

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