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At Bob Davis Chimney, we offer a wide variety of wood stoves and wood stove inserts. After having been in business for over 20 years, we have the knowledge of the newest and best working appliances to suit your home’s needs. We also have the experience to install this equipment properly and follow all safety codes and procedures. If you have a wood stove, or are planning on purchasing one, it is a very sensible choice to have the ventilation installation connected to your chimney, which will allow the exit of the smoke. With a stove insert, we will check to make sure that your firebox matches the size of the masonry flue.

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Fireplace & Wood Stove Sales Charlotte, NC

Wood Stoves

There are two kinds of wood stoves that can be installed and connected to already existing fireplace flues. Freestanding stoves make for very efficient heaters because they utilize renewable fuel, such as wood, which is very easily obtainable. The word freestanding is used in this sense because it means that the stove is not actually installed into the fireplace. Many freestanding wood stoves are built with legs or pedestals but many also sit just a few inches off the floor.

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Some freestanding wood stoves are vented by using a stovepipe to carry the smoke through the chimney. Most modern freestanding wood stoves have a high-temperature glass door on the front that is used for loading the wood into the unit. It also allows you to look at the fire while it is burning. It is important to keep in mind that when it comes to installing a freestanding wood stove, there are three different methods for ventilation of the smoke from your house. There is an installation that can be done that routes the stovepipe from the stove to the wall where there may be an existing chimney that can easily be tapped into, especially if you have a brick or block built chimney. Another method is not really a natural occurrence unless it happens to be a coincidence, which is where the chimney is located directly above the stove. In this case, people are able to decide exactly where they want to place the stove. This method can be a little tricky however because you will probably want to have a factory-built chimney installed over the stove. It is common and a very good method for getting the job done. The third method for installing a freestanding wood stove is called a hearth stove installation. With this process, you can vent a freestanding wood stove through the fireplace using a smoke pipe that comes off the back of the stove and turns up into the fireplace to vent the smoke through the chimney. A specific kind of freestanding wood stove is a cast-iron stove. They can be very efficient and are normally more visually appealing. Cast iron is reputable for radiating the heat evenly, but it can also be problematic in the sense that large surface castings can sometimes crack. They happen to be a bit more expensive than other options. Steel wood stoves are not quite as good at radiating the heat as a cast-iron stove, but they are the more economically efficient. They allow the heat to get put out at a faster pace and they have a long lifespan. It is also convenient to have a freestanding wood stove that is a combination of cast iron and steel because it is more systematic and very aesthetically appealing but will be more expensive.

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Wood Insert Sales

A wood stove insert is much like a wood stove that has been modified to fit inside the firebox of a brick or block built fireplace. These inserts are used to convert a common fireplace into an effective heating system without polluting your house with smoke. A wood stove insert is made of a firebox that is surrounded by a steel outer shell. The air that flows between the room and the firebox is what is warmed.

Skilled Professionals

The steel outer shell works by delivering the heat from the firebox into the room around it, instead of flowing through the chimney. Originally when wood stove inserts began being installed, they garnered a reputation for being unsafe and insufficient. They were not being installed correctly and they allowed the exhaust gases to exit through the chimney flue instead of being distributed to the outer room it was supposed to be warming. To help make this problem better, there was a short length connection installed, called a direct connect, but the problem remained as there was not a proper connection to the base of the fireplace chimney. These problems were too expensive to maintain and were fixed in later years with more education and experience. New codes have been created to allow our professional chimney sweeps to alter the fireplace to insert a clear route to the liner letting the smoke pass through the original fireplace. The liner will be sealed to the masonry work to prevent cold or odorous air from migrating into the room while it is being heated. This process has improved the design of the installation of wood stove inserts to create an excelled performance of the appliance. These inserts can be almost as efficient as freestanding wood stoves. Another improvement that can be made if you have an existing wood stove insert is the addition of a stainless steel chimney liner. The most trouble-free of all wood heating installations are full liners for the inserts and hearth mounts. A hearth mount wood stove insert is mounted in front of or inside the fireplace and vented through the chimney. The liner is continuous through the whole chimney structure. This is the most desirable form of hearth mount installation because it arranges for a reliable draft. With this kind of insert, cleaning the flue is much simpler. It is done by easily removing the chimney cap and running a brush down into the insert. Our professional chimney sweeps know how to correctly remove any deposits in the firebox and can attend to any problems appropriately if there is a faulty connection with the flue liner. This can make for a messy job, but our skilled professionals are willing to take on the job. Some factory-built fireplaces are required to have a special insert installed. It is possible to improve the performance of your conventional factory-built fireplace with help from one of the many professional chimney sweeps we employ.