How to Prevent Chimney Fires: Safety Tips for You 

Chimney Cleaning and Its Benefits

Here are some important benefits of keeping your chimney clean and ensuring your family and home stay safe:

A clean chimney increases heat efficiency by making sure the wood in the fireplace burns more efficiently and thoroughly. If you haven’t recently had a chimney cleaning service, chances are your chimney is clogged. This leads to a decrease in heat and an increase in your heating bills.

A cluttered chimney can lead to an increase in the level of carbon monoxide gas which can be deadly. It also prevents proper airflow because of which carbon monoxide, instead of going out through the chimney, can get pushed back inside your home.

Every time you are lighting the fire, the inside of your chimney gets damaged a little bit because of the substance called creosote. Too much accumulation of this substance can cause chimney fires and damage your entire home. This is why regular chimney cleaning is necessary to remove the creosote.

Safety Tips

The prevention tips mentioned below will make sure that your chimney continues doing its job smoothly so that you and your family can peacefully enjoy those chilly months.

Cleaning up your chimney regularly is the easiest way to make sure you and your family are safe. Now wondering how to know if it’s time for a cleanup? Well, just scratch one of your fingers against the wall of the chimney. If the build-up is a 1/8-inch layer, then it’s time for a cleanup.

Want to avoid any unnecessary chimney fires? Well, then use good quality fire starters when choosing kindling, tinder, and fuel. So instead of using kerosene or gasoline, use hardwood that is well-seasoned. Similarly, for kindling, use branches or dried twigs instead of using clothes or magazine papers and cardboards.

Slow-burning, low-temperature fires produce more smoke and leave behind more combustible unburned material. As this material hardens to creosote, it increases the risk of chimney fires. So, make sure that the fire is always fast-burning and hot. Also, make sure before retiring to bed, you extinguish the fire.

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